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Les Cooke from SeaDoo Centre kindly opened his workshop doors for our team and video crew.

Seadoo Centre was founded in 2005, and Les’ passion for the enhancement of Seadoo Watercraft was the driving force behind Seadoo Centre (SDC).

In a very short amount of time SDC developed a reputation as a world leader in high performance watercraft technology. This was empathised in 2009 when a SDC prepared ski won the World Championship. From this point the evolution and development of SDC products was remarkable.

Check out this successful Victorian-based business using Haas Machinery.


Hailing from Lafayette Louisiana, Top Gun Machining is all about turning the big stuff!

TJ Arceneaux talks about how his hard working shop got their start, and how Haas machines fit into making the parts their customers need.

Our Haas Factory Outlet in Bhiwadi India visited Allena Auto Industries Ltd. in Wazirpur, Delhi, to look at how Haas machines have helped them to improve their machining operations.

Shaun Hebert, the Manufacturing Manager at Whitliejo Specialty Company, talks about how competitive the business of machining is in Louisiana and how Haas machines have helped Whitliejo bring in new talent to keep pace with the demanding work they need to get done.

Located less than 20 miles from New York City, Haas customer PPM has grown to become a recognized leader in manufacturing advanced orthopedic implants, instrumentation and sterilized delivery systems.

The company uses 40 Haas CNC milling machines and 6 Haas CNC turning centers, and specializes in implants for the knee, hip, elbow, shoulder and spine, as well as the instrumentation and tooling necessary to install such devices in the body.

Jim Stokes, owner of vintage automobile restoration business Jim Stokes Workshops Limited, describes Haas CNC machine tools as “like big American V8s – brilliant and functional.”

For 30 years, his UK-based company has been restoring and rebuilding some of the most rare and valuable motorcars ever to come out of Italy – and that’s saying something. Haas visits his thriving business to discover why owners of Alfa Romeo 8Cs the world over trust JSWL to care for their cars, the best examples of which are worth over $10 million each.

Felco is perhaps the world’s leading brand name for garden secateurs (pruning shears), certainly Europe’s.

The company manufactures around 1 million pairs every year at its Swiss headquarters, where two fully automated Haas DT-1 CNC drill/tap machines have replaced conventional stamping with state-of-the-art machining.

The company installed its first Haas, an EC-500 CNC horizontal machining center, in July 2011. A VM-2 vertical machining center followed soon after, and thanks to their performance and reliability, the company also chose Haas for its latest project: The automated blade machining cell.


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